View Full Version : Pop-Punk singer needed

nutty da drummer
09-Jun-05, 00:38
HI, im looking for a pop-punk singer. They must be able to make weekly practises in thurso. If you want to try out, contact me on

or phone 07749523109

09-Jun-05, 20:02
can u tell us some stuff bout e band?

nutty da drummer
15-Jun-05, 19:50
well there is a drummer and 2 guitarist, we are still lookin for a bassist. we play pop-punk and other stuff like it, like blink 182, and sum 41. need more?

elastic band
21-Jun-05, 19:12
how old r u all id try out we u s if ya want

nutty da drummer
24-Jun-05, 16:29
we are ages from 14 to 16. we are known at places like wick and thurso, as wel played alot of gigs, and hope to play man y more. are you still up for this?

elastic band
25-Jun-05, 22:14
if you are! if you want we can ave a jam in wick high afta school on monday

26-Jun-05, 17:40
niall is gay :p

27-Jun-05, 22:18
Yes, quite.

elastic band
01-Jul-05, 13:57
srry if u want il sing 4 u's