View Full Version : The swallows are back!

23-May-07, 01:55

23-May-07, 07:38
Great Pic. Gus. I had not realised that their faces are so chesnut.

Margaret M.
09-Jun-07, 15:00
What a super picture. Swallows are one of my favorites. When I lived in the country, I had a bluebird trail and tree swallows would compete with the bluebirds for the nest boxes. They are so gorgeous and make lovely little nests lined in feathers. I also had a few barn swallows and a colony of purple martins which are members of the swallow family. I so miss them but there are too many trees where I live now and swallows/purple martins prefer more open spaces. When I sold the house, my main desire was that the buyers liked birds -- they did so they got a quick training session on caring for purple martins.

09-Jun-07, 17:18
That is superb Gus,keep em coming:D

the charlatans
13-Jun-07, 22:49
what a bonny wee birdy that swallow is. we've got 3 nests on our house - just realised today! they are very busy and there would be no chance of me getting such a picture of one sitting down!

keep em coming.