View Full Version : Breadmaker Coconut, Sultana and Honey Loaf

22-May-07, 21:25
I made this up when I had a smaller breadmaker than I now have, (an LG HB152CE). It makes a 1.5 Lb loaf.

I was going easy on the coconut to be healthy and because I wanted the flavours to be subtle, much like a Peshwari naan but you could safely add a bit more or if you have some, substitute some coconut milk for some of the liquid.

I've always used electronic scales when making bread. (240ml water weighs 240g)

240 ml water (at room temerature)
350 g white bread flour
15 g honey
11 g desiccated coconut (About 1 1/2 Tablespoons)
1/4 teaspoon vitamin C powder (optional)
1 teaspoon salt
15 g skimmed dry milk powder (1 Tablespoon, heaped)
5 g butter (or for creamier taste just use 13g of Butter and omit the margarine)
8 g firm margarine

3 3/4 g bread machine yeast (1 Tsp slightly heaped)

At Beep:
65 g sultanas (or Raisins- untested)
1 dash cardamom (optional) (about 1/3 tsp)


Weigh the main ingredients into the bread machine pan and select Raisin or Speciality Bread and preferred Crust type - I chose normal crust which worked nicely - and start the machine.

At the beep, if you trust your machine not to mash up the fruit like mine always does, add the sultanas with just an incredibly light dusting of cardamom (or omit it if you don't like cardamom). For my machine I ignored the beep and waited until just over 3 minutes remained of the 2nd knead cycle and that worked great - guess it depends how squishy your sultanas are :).

Cool on a wire rack.