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25-Apr-17, 18:37
Driving too fast has consequences says sheriff

A SHERIFF highlighted the concern in the far north about the consequences of drivers who speed.

The latest offender, Criaig Gilmour, 38, was fined 325 after he pleaded guilty at Wick Sheriff Court, today..

The court was told he was clocked, driving his van at 74 mph, between the Caithness villages of Latheronwheel and Dunbeath, on January 5. Gilmour, of 21 Glenluce Drive, Glasgow, was engaged in a Scottish-wide contract, checking smoke detectors and fire alarms, at the time. The speed limit for commercial vehicles on the A9, is 50mph.

He was said to have been about to slow down after overtaking a vehicle.

Sheriff Andrew Berry told him: "There is real concern in this part of the world about motorists who drive too fast and cause mayhem."

In addition to the fine, Gilmour who also admitted a record of road traffic offences, incurred four penalty points.