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18-May-07, 23:25
ok its 11 pm, and ive just been out shouting at a group of teens where the youngest would be about12-14.. they had a shopping trolley. slamming it into teh garages.
thats the second time tonight i was out telling them to be quiet that my babies were in bed!
the cat is wanting out but im afraid to let her out. no telling what may happen!
i mean does no one else hear them! their was about 10 of em!
girls and boys!
surley, peeps know them, and who they are.. and yet they dont seem to be a bit worried about getting in trouble screaming and shouting and stealing trolleys!argghh.. gotten quiet so may let the cat out!
saying that about 9ish when i went out.. one of the boys.. about 15 or so then.. said.. dont worry they wont hurt your car! i laughed and said hun, i know that.. but they are really loud and the kids are in bed.. the boy knows me,, and off he went on his bike and basically told his mates to off that my kids were asleep... and they were little.. he came back and told me.. sorry they will be gone in a min.. and he was one of the smallest there!

18-May-07, 23:42
Phone the police and show them an AVI clip of their misdemeanours.

18-May-07, 23:46
i dont think you are even allowed to film them! something about not being able to film them without permision, and its a public street... ect...ect..ect..
they are all gone now. hopefully home,
the thing is i understand teenagers like to laugh and shout.. but they should know better than to do it at 11 pm on a quiet street. and they really shouldnt be out and about at that time of night.
if they do come back i will just call the police and say..
look a lot of teens carrying on with a trolley.. you put two and two together.. think you can come and disperse them?

20-May-07, 00:26
They are known as neds and as i write this theres one outside my window :eek: :lol:

20-May-07, 01:15
A couple of weekends ago, there was a kids 15th birthday party going on in the hall of a community center about two blocks where I live. It didn't even start until about 10pm and then went on to about 3 in the morning and the music could be heard for miles. As it was ending two people turned up in a truck with an assualt rifle and starting firing shots at people leaving. They were targeting two particular cars that drove off together, they chased one down and shot at it hitting the driver in the back of the head and killing him, the car slammed into a tree and injured the passenger, they then chased the other car and started shooting at them, that car had one driver and three passengers, the car went off the road and also hit a tree at top speed, the driver died from the crash and a passenger was shot in the thigh, the two poeple in the back are in intensive care from injuries and the suspects have still not been caught :eek: Apparently it was Latin Gang hits and somebody didn't pay for their drugs. And this is a nice neighborhood.

Oh to be back in Thurso again ;)

20-May-07, 01:42
Maybe stolen trolleys aren't so bad after all.

20-May-07, 01:48
Maybe stolen trolleys aren't so bad after all.

Ach I was just reminiscing, it is lucky to be living in a place like Caithness, but when I was a teen in Thurso I was as much a pain in the ass as anyone. But back in my day someone would come out their house and crack you in the lug if they could catch you, can't do that now. hell I remember messing around in a guys garden and he came out and started throwing huge lumps of coal at us, and I tell you we never went back in his garden again. kids don't care much at that age, as long as they are doin a dare or they feel they are impressin some lassie nothing much else goes through the mind. But it could be a lot worse I guess. I also remember when i was that age there was always regular cop cars wherever you went, we used to have to go well out of the way to the outskirts of town to be causing trouble, last time I lived in Thurso you hardly ever saw a police car around your street at night for long enough.

20-May-07, 10:09
Myself and my mate were walking up High Street in Wick on Friday night about 10.45pm when we were verbally abused by three teenagers. One looked to be under the influence of either drink or drugs. One was carrying a tin of lager. By good luck we are both of a quite and mature disposition so did not take the bait. Just as well we were not tourists or worse still somebody who would have lashed out at them. Where are the police? Why are they not out walking the 'beat'? They should be showing a visual prescence? Let's hope the new Scottish Parliament get their act together on this issue.

20-May-07, 15:02
Watch out for the ones who walk down the middle of the road. They will not move as you approach in your vehicle and you have to go around them as they and their friends on the path jeer.

21-May-07, 15:56
Kids these days do seem to be out far to late for there age.My eldest has to be in at 10pm & hes 16 I think thats late enough but it is hard trying to give him an answer as to why hes got to be in when there kids playing out at 11pm who are only 7!

21-May-07, 16:29
Same in Thurso and the police do not seem to bother. I go most evenings for a walk and I see cars racing up and down Riverside nose to tail way above the speed limit and then doing handbrake turns. They might not be the same ones as young ones mentioned here but they are probably the ones who were involved four or so years ago. They just move on to a different form of yob behaviour at the expense of the general public.

The police seem to say they are not breaking the law or they cannot catch them - rubbish on both counts!

21-May-07, 16:52
Pleased to say I left all that behind in the South-East. I know exactly what you're talking about - I used to live in a very smart and rather upmarket housing estate - I dread to think what it would have been like in a rough one. There would still be gangs of kids (and a fair few adults drunks too) hanging around on benches making loads of noise in the middle of the estate. Phone the police and if you're lucky they might turn up within six hours, if at all. Used to be a very nasty bunch who would hang around on a bench near my flat with a huge and vicious dog-killer bull mastiff that the owner could hardly control for a fair part of the day and every Friday evening. These selfish youths (and adults) are gradually destroying any 'quality of life' for residents in urban areas.

I can't imagine the police in Wick are completely deluged with trouble every five minutes, no reason why they can't turn up and tell the rabble to move along - preferably to go home and stop being a nuisance anywhere.

I blame the parents.

21-May-07, 18:13
do parents not care where their teens are?
Too often, no they don't. Caring where they are or what they are doing would imply effort, and too many of us (because I am a parent I say "us", but I do not necessarily.... or hopefully....include myself) prefer to avoid strenuous (?) activities.

21-May-07, 18:28
I think that by the time have got into their teens it's a bit too late - they're too much like hard work if they're forced to mope and sulk and whine about the house deliberately trying to get on your nerves so they can get to go out with their friends.

None of us are experts, but I reckon that getting across to kids a healthy measure of respect for other people and not being a nuisance to anyone has got to be done early and not just on a 'do as I say' but also on a 'do as I do' basis.

Hard to discipline teenagers or keep them couped up, but if it is the responsibility of anyone then the buck stops with the parents whether they want it to or not. The police are there to sort out problems when law and order breaks down, not to fill in for parents who are too lazy or too tired, even when they have good reason to be - which covers most most of the time I'm sure! :).

22-May-07, 19:15
This is what abuse my husband got on Sunday night from a group of kids early teens when he went to lock our garage door. A neighbour came round and said that they were in our garage, doing god knows what. When he went to see, they had built a ramp for their bikes right in front of the garages (they are council garages by the way) During this time an elderly couple came round the corner in their car to park their car in their garage. He politely asked the boys to move the ramp and he got noghing but abuse in return, like my husband. I called the police but they never came round.

Chips off the old block I would say

22-May-07, 21:44
catnip, make a formal complaint - ask them to explain why they didn't come out. It'll bug them, but unless the level of complaints goes up the council won't allocate more financial resouces to policing. Crazy isn't it!

22-May-07, 23:03
As for the CCTV I just cant wait !!!!![evil]

Marty McFly
22-May-07, 23:45
As for the CCTV I just cant wait !!!!![evil]

I really don't think CCTV is going to make a hell of a lot of difference, as it can't be everwhere, and these mini-thugs know that.

Nothing can replace a police car on patrol.

23-May-07, 01:03
Oh to be back in Thurso again ;)

come back then, we need more locals here...

27-May-07, 17:42
hi catnip, i wondered what was wrong last Sunday night on my way home and i'm pretty sure it was you i saw on the phone.I spoke to the elderly couple you refered to as i passed (and a nice couple they are as well) I agree it is time something was done about these kids??? It is only 2 weeks ago that a window was broken (in purpose) by kids??? because the tenent had words with them for their noise. The response from them was I'LL BREAK YOUR WINDOW and then proceeded to do so. I personally dread every winter because i live in an end house and at least 3 times a week, every week we get our front door BOOTED, this goes on all winter long (6 long months) We stopped sending for the police because they can do nothing. We have even enquired about putting a camera up but they say (police) we can't do this as our front door is right at the pavement and it'a against the law to film a public area. Oh and i nearly forgot the eggs that get thrown at the windows from time to time as well. I agree with you when you say someone is going to take matters into their own hands, and the sad thing is THEY WILL GET CHARGED. I feel a bit better now catnip (ha ha) A good moan does you the power of good.

percy toboggan
27-May-07, 17:51
I'm amazed at the levels of a.s.b. that seem to go on in Wick.
Perhaps I shouldn't be. I must be naive.
I thought northern Scotland was a haven of tranquility where pepople, even teenagers had more sense. Of course, this kind of thing, and worse goes on in and around Manchester but thankfully not around here (he said touching wood) It would diminish me dreadfully and depress my already fragile inner peace.

Surely you still have a semblance of community up there. If you can't take direct action then for goodness sake band together and mither the heck out of the local plod. Picket the Police station if needs be. Once it gets on telly they'll start to act.