View Full Version : Reids Bakery/cafe Thurso

05-Jun-05, 16:00
I went to Reids cafe yesterday for a cup of tea and a burger. There is a separate eating area for smoking but non of the smokers were going in it, the staff allowed them into the main area, hence the air was thick with smoke. When my burger came, it was just microwaved straight from the packet, no grilling or frying was done. The mug of tea was stewed so strong that I didn't know at first which to slice first, the burger or the tea!!

Reids has such great potential as a cafe, it is without wonder that the cafe/bakery over the other side was full.

05-Jun-05, 18:52
Took them around 15 minutes to serve up a soup 'to go' for me during the week. Was almost late for an appointment 'cause I got hungry... coulda walked home and got a bite to eat just as quick. I thought the 'to go' implied quick service so you can be on your way... :evil not in this town!

The Pepsi Challenge
23-Jun-05, 04:32
Small towns, guys: they can write their own rules, and go at their own place. Unfortunately.