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02-Apr-17, 09:42
Motorist who pulled out, didn't see other driver overtaking

A DRIVER, pulling out from a line of traffic to overtake, was hit by a motorist who had already started the same manoeuvre.
It led to John Brackenbury, being charged with careless driving. He pleaded guilty at Wick Sheriff Court and was fined 200.
It was stated that the 74-year-old, of 29 Brawl, Strathy, had failed to observe the other, overtaking, vehicle coming "flying through" and the result was a collision causing damage to both. The accident occurred on the A836, on September 29, last year.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said it was clear there had been " moment's inadvertence" on the accused's part.
In addition to the fine, Brackenbury incurred three penalty points.