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01-Apr-17, 14:55
Hi Folks

I was wondering if there were any people interested in starting a local buddhist group (sangha).
I have been practicing zen buddhism for a few years now and think it would be good to setup a regular group to practice meditation/mindfulness and maybe listen to some Dharma talks.

I am not a teacher but an enthusiastic student :) and would be happy to host something or at least give it a go and see what happens.

Please feel free to PM me if you think this might be something you are interested in or just want some more information.


Kevin Milkins
03-Apr-17, 14:19
I read the "Philosophy of Zen" many years ago, interesting stuff. Some would also say I am the shape of a Buda, but not ready for it yet.

Good luck with your quest though, it is interesting stuff.

03-Apr-17, 19:54
I Buddha thought there would be little demand for that in caithness

04-Apr-17, 00:44
Interesting idea, do you by any chance know if The Buddhist Retreat along The A 836 in Sutherland is still going?

04-Apr-17, 12:34
Buddhists are encouraged to love all living beings and not to restrict their love only to human beings. They should practise loving kindness towards every living being. The Buddha's advice is that is not right for us to take away the life of any living being since every living being has a right to exist. Animals also have fear and pain as do human beings. It is wrong to take away their lives. We should not misuse our intelligence and strength to destroy animals even though they may sometimes be a nuisance to us. Animals need our sympathy. Destroying them is not the only method to get rid of them. Every living being is contributing something to maintain this world. It is unfair for us to deprive their living rights.