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28-Mar-17, 08:21
Teenager hid in cupboard after under age sex

A SCHOOLGIRL had sex with a 27-year-old man whom she claimed told her to hide in a cupboard when there was a knock at the door.
The girl, who was 14 at the time, told Wick Sheriff Court yesterday that she was "pretty sure" the callers were her parents.
She said that the man, Steven Cunningham, returned and told the girl to tell them she had been at a friend's house
Cunningham, whose present home address was given as 1A Murray Avenue, Wick, denies on indictment having intercourse with a girl under the age of 16. His defence is that sex took place but that he "reasonably believed" that she was 16.
The girl told the court that she met Cunningham in a shop and he offered to take her home in his car. She knew of him but had not seen him for many years.
Now 17, the girl said that the accused said he would have to get petrol. He told her where he was going to fill up but there was another supplier closer to hand. She said she didn't think that was strange as she trusted the accused.
Later, they drove to his rural home where they had sex. Questioned by fiscal Fraser Matheson, the girl said there was no prior discussion about her age and claimed he would have known how old she was.
She said after Cunningham's mood changed after he answered the door and he became "quite angry" and said he would take her to her friend's house and advised her what to say to her parents.
She told the jury: "He was driving very fast on the way there and when we passed my mother's car, Steven told me to slide down in the passenger's seat so she wouldn't see me. I was quite upset about all those arrangements - they didn't seem normal."
The girl who gave her evidence over a video link, said that she didn't say anything to her mother initially, but later told her everything later.
Questioned by Mr Matheson, she reiterated that she didn't tell Cunningham she was 16.
Cross examined by solicitor Michael Burnett, the girl denied describing herself to the accused as "attractive". She strenuously denied using the word 'hot'
Mr Burnett: "At one point, did Mr Cunningham say you would look hot in a bin bag and you said "prove it".
.The girl: "I never said that".
However, the girl told the court that she undressed underneath a bin bag because she was scared as the accused had locked the front door.
The girl also denied that she had a contraception implant fitted at the time but Mr Burnett gave notice that the jury would hear evidence to the effect that this was the case.
The trial resumes today.