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27-Mar-17, 19:14
Accused responsible was 'unconcerned'

A MAN turned up, as firemen were fighting an outbreak at his council home in Wick...a fire he was responsible for.

The sheriff at Wick was told that David Webb was under the influence of drink. He appeared unconcerned about the emergency and somewhat amused by the situation.

Webb, appeared from custody and admitted on indictment, having culpably and recklessly allowed a fire in the bedroom of his ground floor council flat, at 35 Huddart Street, Wick, to take hold,whereby it caused damage.

Neighbours raised the alarm after getting a plastic smell and observing smoke coming from Webb's home, on November 24, last year. They evacuated their homes.

Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after the 999 call was received and extinguished the outbreak in the back bedroom.

The fiscal continued; "The accused was not present but, curiously, he arrived after the emergency services. He appeared to be somewhat under the influence of drink and unconcerned about the fire engulfing his property. Indeed, he seemed to be smirking about it."

Suspicion fell on Webb - he was 47 yesterday - and he was detained by police.

Mr Matheson said that an assessment of Webb's home was made and it revealed extensive damage, much of the interior being "utterly ruined".

The fiscal added that it had not been possible to ascertain what had caused the fire to take hold but added: " It is clear that Webb allowed it to take effect by one means or another. He allowed the fire to start by his actions which resulted in extensive damage to the council-owned property and gave rise to the potential of real damage to his neighbours' homes. Fortunately, they were able to remove themselves from harm's way and the fire was contained relatively swiftly by the prompt actions of the firefighters."

Webb, described by his solicitor Fiona MacDonald as "having issues in his life" will be sentenced on April 24 after Sheriff Andrew Berry considers a background report.