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21-Mar-17, 23:46
Convicted of driving motorcycle while disqualified

A WICK man, who drove while disqualified, has been put off the road for two years. Gary Aikman, 27, was also ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid work in the community.

He had denied the charge along with having no test certificate and insurance. Wick Sheriff Court was told that Aikman, known as 'Hood', was observed by police driving his motor bike, in Harbour Terrace, Wick, on March 17, last year.

The officers following him and soon afterwards came upon his Honda Fire-blade, in a car park behind the town's Bexley Terrace, its exhaust still hot.

Aikman, of 69 Battery Road, Wick, entered a defence of alibi claiming he wasn't the driver and that the police were mistaken. He maintained he had previously sold the bike "to a Polish fellow" but Sheriff Andrew Berry rejected the defence and found Aikman guilty on all three charges.