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16-Mar-17, 18:19
Banned man's return to club surprises sheriff

A SHERIFF expressed surprise that a man, banned from a Thurso nightclub, had been allowed to return there and commit another similar assault.

The accused Stephen O' Kane admitted a charge of assault. He punched patron Ian Urquhart at Skinandi's on July 23. The blow floored patron Ian Urquhart who was knocked unconscious for a short time.

Wick Sheriff Court was told that the assault happened after O'Kane became involved in a dispute between O'Kane and another person.

The accused was arrested after being identified on the nightclub 's CCTV system and pleaded guilty yesterday.

Sheriff Andrew Berry observed that O'Kane had been given an 18-month unpaid community service in August and banned from Skinandi's for the same period, but ten days later, had been allowed back into the club "to commit the same type of offence which I find truly incredible."

O'Kane of South Street, Keiss, will be sentenced on April 28 after Sheriff Berry considers a background report.