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16-Mar-17, 11:18
Accused lucky to have escaped serious injury Wick court is told

A COURT was told that a driver whose car became airborne after he lost control, remembered little of an accident a sheriff said could have had serious consequences.

Matthew Ross, 21, admitted a charge of careless driving, an offence which, said Sheriff Andrew Berry, should have been prosecuted at a higher level carrying heavier penalties.

Wick Sheriff Court was told that Ross's driving on the 40mph limit approach to the village of Keiss, came to the attention of officers on patrol on October 20. They followed him, but were making "little progress" in closing with the accused whom they clocked travelling at 53mph.

Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that after rounding a bend, the police spotted debris on the road and observed Ross's vehicle in a field. The officers switched off the engine which was smoking. Ross was located some 10 feet away. He had been ejected through the rear window of his vehicle.

Ross was taken to Caithness General Hospital but was discharged after being treated for minor injuries. Police investigations revealed that he had been unable to negotiate the bend due to his excessive speed, lost traction overcorrected and collided with a wall before becoming airborne and then landing right way up in the field.

When interviewed, Ross of 108 Seaforth Avenue, Wick, said he accepted leaving the road due to excessive speed.

Solicitor Fiona Macdonald said that Ross had gone for a drive and the next he remembered was waking up in hospital.
She added: "He was lucky to get away with so little injury".

Sheriff Andrew Berry expressed concern about young drivers travelling too fast in "all sorts of scenarios" The sheriff said that there could also have been serious consequences not only for Ross, but for pedestrians on that stretch of road or a farmer with livestock.

Sheriff Berry added: "I have to say that I am very surprised that this case has been prosecuted as careless driving. It seems to me it could well have merited prosecution as dangerous driving"

Ross, said to have limited income, was ordered to carry out 60 hours unpaid work in the community. He was banned form driving for six months.