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16-Mar-17, 09:14
Personal problems triggered vandalism court is told

A DRUNKEN Thurso man 'attacked' an ATM at a local bank late at night... but it wasn't a robbery bid.
Ranald Mackay, 29, was taking his frustration out on the building after two personal setbacks. His relationship and his job and both come to an end, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday.
Two policemen on patrol in Thurso's town centre, on November 19, observed Mackay pulling at an advertising board surrounding the ATM at the Clydesdale Bank and damaging some of the windows adjacent.
He moved on but the officers caught up with him in Olrig Street. As they were speaking to him, Mackay punched one of them in the face before being apprehended.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that after sobering up the following morning, Mackay was very apologetic and followed that up with a letter to the police acknowledging his behaviour was "not acceptable".
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Mackay of 42 Murkle View, Thurso had been "horrified" when informed about his behaviour the previous night.
She added that he it had been prompted by the loss of the "two major factors" that provided him with stability in his life...his relationship and his job.
However, Mackay, who admitted causing damage and assaulting a police officer, had since obtained a well-paid job in Weymouth .
Sheriff Andrew Berry observed that the accused now had a record which could affect his prospects in the future. The sheriff added that those working public occupations were entitled to respect.
Mackay will be sentenced on April 28 after the sheriff considers a background report and settles a figure of compensation for the bank.