View Full Version : Car window tinting

21-Jan-17, 20:23
Hi does anyone do car window tinting in Caithness .thanks

08-Feb-17, 00:30
Think Roy Sutherland does it

12-Feb-17, 17:52
Hi thanks do you know how to get in touch with him

13-Feb-17, 22:52
Yeah his mobile number is 07927799127

16-Feb-17, 20:30
Thanks very much

05-Oct-18, 00:57
Car windows are not meant to be tinted. At least not this side of Morocco. Doing so reduces your ability to see mobility scooters, or BMW's. The same effect can be attained by stretching black bin bags over your windows. You will then be able to pull out in front of all manner of vehicles and claim "Sorry mate, didn't see you". That will be OK (for you) as long as the the vehicle you blindly pull out in front of is a mobility scooter. But sooner or later, you will pull out in front of a D Steven truck. And it will come off better.