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20-Jan-17, 10:03
CCTV filmed robbers who left their finger prints on part of their haul

A COURT heard yesterday about the bungling burglars and the clues that gave them away.
Damon Mackay, 27, and Thomas Deighan, 23, triggered an alarm when they put a brick through the window of the Well Pharmacy in Thurso, in the early hours. A CCTV camera recorded them as they helped themselves to a quantity of drugs.
Passers-by observed them running away with boxes of diazepam and diamorphine which were recovered by police and revealed the prints of both men, Wick Sheriff Court was told.
A camera was also recording the pair while engaged in their next target, the town's Empire Chinese Takeaway, late at night. Wearing makeshift face masks, Mackay and Deighan, entered the premises, each armed with a knife and demanded money.
The member of staff behind the counter, Soon Chal, heard Deighan tell Mackay - "Clear the till." The two men made their getaway but didn't get far.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that Deighan, of 4 Lord Thurso Court, slipped on the frosty ground and was duly apprehended. Mackay, of 39 Leith Walk, Wick, was traced to a house, a few hours later and was arrested.
Mr Matheson described the brick-through the window-approach as "unremarkable" and "unsophisicated".
Both accused appeared on indictment admitted and admitted the break-ins. Mackay pleaded guilty to an additional charge of breaking into the Tempest Surf Cafe, in Thurso and stealing a cash register and various items including a cake. The offences occurred between January 15 and 17, last year.
Mr Matheson said that Mackay made the mistake of taking the cake to the home of a mate's girlfriend and added: "It was plain to her that it had been stolen."
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw footage of the pharmacy break-in, called for background reports and warned the accused: "It is virtually inevitable that prison sentences will be imposed."
They were allowed bail and will return to court to be sentenced on February 16.