View Full Version : Would Love to Find These Girls!!

09-Apr-01, 05:09
Hopefully someone can throw some light on the whereabouts of the following girls.


Originally lived at the top of Seaforth Avenue through primary school years.

Would now be about 38 and 37 years old.

BROTHERS: Angus and Scott

PARENTS: Angus and Suzette

Suzanne and Alison were great friends of myself and my sister Rowena and would really love to find out where they are. If anyone has ANY information at all, please email me at Scudder89@aol.com



16-Sep-01, 12:35
Hi there

Something must have happened when this message board screen was changed as there are a lot of messages that have gone missing. I had informed this post that I had in actual fact found the girls that I had been looking for. Just wanted to let everyone know who may be looking at this site so not to waste anyone's time.



Colin Manson
16-Sep-01, 13:44
Hi Mandy,

I've just checked the original database and it is exactly the same as this one, I checked all the messages and they were all converted properly.

However one the reasons for the change of scripts was that the old board was still not completely finish. It still contains some "bugs", I assume that at some point the old data was corrupted and the messages were lost.

Now that we have a stable system we shouldn't have anymore strange problems :)

Thanks for letting everyone know that the original message no longer applies.


Colin Manson