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17-Jan-17, 14:44
Driver resisted man's attempt to hi-jack her car jury is told
A WICK court heard yesterday that a woman put up a fight when a stranger accosted her in a town car park and threatened to hi-jack her car.
Although 'terrified', Sonya Paul, 36, wrestled with Donald McPhee, 30, who eventually abandoned the attempt in car park at Riverside, Wick, and ran off.
A jury at the town's sheriff court, heard how Miss Paul's intention to have a relaxing walk round the river, on a sunny October evening, last year, changed dramatically after she parked her car.
The self-employed artist said that a man, she later identified in court, as McPhee, appeared, suddenly, opened the car door and ordered her to "get out " - shouting it was an emergency and commenting - "All the police are dead".
Miss Paul told the court: "I told him to f*** off" and said she had one foot on the ground and the other in her car, as she struggled with the accused who claimed to know her although she had never before seen him.
"He was trying to get me out of the car" said Miss Paul who went on that it developed into something of "a wrestling match" with McPhee, for possession of the ignition key which he "eventually managed to prise out of my hands".
Miss Paul continued that she was fearful about the potential consequences had the accused succeeded in getting into the driving seat and added: "God knows what would have happened. I was terrified and in an absolute panic." She sustained a scratch on one of her arms and a cut to her face.
Miss Paul rejected a suggestion from defence solicitor Ian Houston that McPhee had not been trying to pull her out of the car and that she was holding onto him and preventing him getting away from her.
Miss Paul replied "absolutely not" and dismissed a further suggestion that McPhee had said he needed to borrow her car because there was an emergency.
Miss Paul told the jury that she was "absolutely petrified". Eventually, McPhee gave up and left the scene and Miss Paul telephoned the police on her mobile phone.
McPhee, described as a prisoner at Inverness Prison denies, on indictment, assaulting Miss Paul attempting to rob her of her car and displaying threatening or abusive behaviour in Bridge Street, Wick, where he is alleged to have stood in the roadway, adopting a menacing stance and an intimidating demeanour.
The accused also pleads not guilty to two charges of assaulting two police officers in the execution of their duty. Relating to these charges McPhee had entered a special defence of self defence.
The trial before Sheriff Andrew Berry and a jury of nine women and six men continues today. (Tuesday)
The trial continue.