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06-Jan-17, 17:41
Accused subjected pub stewards and police to tirade of drunken abuse

A SHERIFF today heard about the tirade of abuse that pub stewards and the police were subjected to, by drink-fuelled Craig MacDougall during his festive pub crawl.
The 22-year-old entered the Camps Bar, in Wick, and didn't take kindly to being asked for proof of his age, by stewards. MacDougall was unable to provide the necessary confirmation and became aggressive when asked to leave, the town's sheriff court was told.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that the accused called steward Andrew Macleod "a f******fat " and f****** c***t"and was escorted to the door of the pub, shouting and swearing and spat at him and attempted to punch him.
Mr Matheson said that the punches didn't connect due to MacDougall's intoxicated state. The accused left, but returned half-an-hour later. Mr Macleod saw him approach and took the precaution of contacting his colleague Callum Reid to join him.
MacDougall, of 34 Proudfoot Road, Wick, was again abusive and began to attack both of them, throwing "a flurry of punches" none of which connected.
Mr Matheson said that the stewards, concerned for the safety of passing members of the public, decided to restrain the accused on the ground and contacted the police. Despite the arrival of officers, MacDougall continued his aggressive behaviour and told Mr Macleod he would stab him and "track down his kids and his house and burn them".
The accused was arrested and shouted further abuse, at the officers, saying he knew where they lived and threatened he would "kill them".
MacDougall was detained "with considerable difficulty" and was driven to Wick police station where he threatened to "stab the custody sergeant in the neck" before being locked up.
Sentence was deferred until February 3 when Sheriff Andrew Berry will consider a background report and hear mitigation from solicitor Fiona MacDonald.
MacDougall, a first offender, admitted charges of assault and abusive and threatening behaviour, on December 22, last year.. He was granted bail with a condition banning him from the Camps Bar..