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14-May-07, 13:59
this makes a large pan you have been warned
6 parsnips
6 carrots
1 neep
3 onions
1 tablespoon madras curry powder
1 pint of double cream (though if you are health consious creme frais may do)
peel and chop up the onions and sweat in a little oil with the curry powder then add the rest of the veg and add water to cover and boil for a while whizz up then add the cream stir through and serve!
very easy and tasty and warming...
i sometimes add a couple of celery sticks to it too!
you can add as much or as little curry powder too it as you like!

14-May-07, 14:24
Sounds really tasty Dadie....I had the tinned Tesco version just today for lunch ;)
Home made would be much nicer I'm sure, but I would need to made a smaller quantity.
Any idea what size of pan (in terms of pints) I'd need for say half the quantities in your recipe? :confused And could I use single cream?

14-May-07, 20:41
it does sound lovely!
Like Angela, i'd need to find an alternative to doublecream...sadly!:(
i love parsnips,but OH hates turnip...hey!..what they don't know :)
karia X

15-May-07, 09:03
it usually fills my pressure cooker to an inch or two to the top i make big batches of it and then freeze it in the plastic tubs you get from the chinese takeaway i reckon about half the quantity would feed 4 hungry people or 6 people for a lunch snack... single cream works ok but sometimes when heating it, it splits...would creme frias or low fat fromage frais work ?
ps forgot add salt and pepper to taste and i sometimes use a stock cube or two in the water....it varies pot to pot...