View Full Version : Injured goldfinch

29-Dec-16, 09:58

I have an injured goldfinch in a hamster cage in my bathroom. He has been there for over a week now since I rescued him as he flapped his way round the garden. He appears to have a couple of damaged feathers on one wing. He is eating and drinking fine and can hop about the cage but don't think he is capable of much flight. Any ideas?

29-Dec-16, 15:33
Contact SSPCA Balmore for further advice. Tel no 01847 861386.

30-Dec-16, 11:19
just keep him till he can fly or grows new feathers then let him go

31-Dec-16, 09:19
Thanks. Was hoping there might be someone with an aviary that could take him as hate seeing him in the cage but if I let him go the cats will get him.

16-Jan-17, 00:57
Contact Sinclair Manson or Donnie Omand they should be able to give you some advice.