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13-May-07, 23:44
I thought this male was disappearing with beakfuls of fruit to keep his Mrs fed whilst she sat on some eggs. Apparently not -he's been feeding up the kids...



13-May-07, 23:48


13-May-07, 23:49
Great pics.

14-May-07, 08:44

14-May-07, 21:02
Great pics!

I know they are not the most colourful of birds,...but for my money
they are the most amusing to watch and listen to!...
...EVEN when they are mimicking the fire brigade at 4 in the AM!:D


01-Oct-07, 23:25
Now, this is not the same fellow photographed earlier in this thread, however he has been visiting us since he was a little brown ball of fluff (stop sniggering Connie!) back in May- we named him the Phantom Fingernail due to his distinct white fingernail on his left foot. He stopped visiting mid-June, only putting in the occasional visit to the garden, but now he's back, visiting several times daily for his chopped apple - if it's not there, he sits on top of the bin, or on the window ledge peering in to get someones attention. A fine friendly wee fellow...


Margaret M.
27-Oct-07, 03:03
Super photos, so cute!

27-Oct-07, 23:26
I'm delighted to say he's still visiting - he sat on the sill of the open window for about 10mins yesterday lunchtime, chomping on his apple, and watching/listening to WeeBurdie and I as we chatted in the kitchen (less than 2ft away from him). I'm so chuffed that he keeps coming back, looking for his tasty treats!:D

20-Apr-08, 10:02
Here's the wee fella, now resplendant in his adult colours. I even have some brilliant video footage of him singing to me outside the window, but I'll need to go investigate a YouTube account before I can share that with you all, lol!



20-Apr-08, 15:50
Appears as if he's adopted you! There's something really smart about a "daddy blackjock".:)

04-Dec-08, 23:13
Whilst I'm updating my birdie posts, I thought I would add that the Phantom Fingernail is still stopping by, several times a day, for some scoff. We thought we'd lost him there - he disappeared in early August, and we didn't see hide nor hair of him for many weeks (we thought it was just the moult, but it went on for too long), but he returned in late October, and he's been visiting daily ever since.

He usually sits on the kitchen window, but if he hasn't managed to get someone's attention there, he's been known to head for the livingroom, bathroom or kids bedroom windows if he see's life. Once you get up to head to the kitchen for him - well, he's beaten you there already!

He's built up an interesting rapport with MrBurd, he "chooks" particularly loudly to hubby, who "chooks" right back at him - if you new MrBurd, you would know exactly how funny that is! :lol: