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23-Dec-16, 08:55
Accused posted sex video on Facebook

A COUPLE were filmed having sex in a busy Thurso nightclub and the footage ended up on a social media site, soon afterwards, a court heard yesterday.
Scott Bell admitted a breach of the peace by posting the video on July 16, in what was described as a 'daft' drunken prank, Wick Sheriff Court yesterday. He will be sentenced next month and concerned Sheriff Andrew Berry has warned that he is considering a deterrent sentence.
The 22-year-old garage worker admitted a breach of the peace by posting "the private act" but his not guilty plea to a charge of filming the couple, was accepted by fiscal Fraser Matheson.
Sheriff Andrew Berry heard that that police embarked on an investigation after a relative of one of the couple called at Thurso police station to complain about the appearance of the intercourse video on Facebook around 3am that day.
Inquiries led to Bell who replied after being cautioned and charged -"Yey, I uploaded the video...I am sorry, definitely".
Mr Matheson said: "There was nothing sinister involved... the offence was daft drunken behaviour. I understand that the video was subsequently removed by the accused in so far as it could be."
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Bell, a first offender, accepted the stupidity of his actions while under the influence of alcohol and deeply regretted his behaviour. She added that whatever the outcome of the case, his job would not be in jeopardy.
Sheriff Berry was advised that the sexual activity had been filmed on a mobile phone and that it had quickly become the subject of widespread gossip and what he termed as "the humiliation of the woman involved".
Continuing the case for a background report, the sheriff told Bell: "It is not often that I am stuck for words but at this moment, I am. I will be giving the matter considerable thought between now and your return to court. I really need to take a deep breath to think about all aspects of this."
Sheriff Berry added: "One thing I require to ensure, is that you realise that this is a serious criminal offence. I have a responsibility in the public interest to deal with this case in a way that will make others will think long and hard before they consider behaving like this."
Bell, of 35 Upper Burnside Drive, Thurso, will return to court for sentence on January 18.