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11-Dec-16, 12:00
"Think before you act" sheriff advises Wick woman

A SHERIFF has advised a young Wick woman to think before she acts.

Ashley Caley, 23, previously admitted a charge of assault at the town's sheriff court and a record.

She was under the influence of drink when she arrived at a house in Grant Street Wick, in the early hours of May 7.
When told by the householder to come back when she was sober, Caley banged on the back door and when the woman opened it the accused grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground.

Sheriff Andrew Berry acknowledged that Caley was complying with her current unpaid work, imposed, previously, for an unrelated offence.

But the sheriff added: "It is critically important that, in the future, you think about your behaviour, as opposed to reacting when it is too late."

Caley, of 18 Nicolson Street, Wick, had a further 90 hours added to her current unpaid work load.