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07-Dec-16, 12:57
Accused left fight opponent unconscious in street

A SHERIFF has expressed concern about one of two men who left his opponent in a street fight lying unconscious.
James Mackay, 21, was yesterday ordered to appear personally at Wick Sheriff Court by Sheriff Andrew Berry.
The sheriff heard about the serious incident after the victim, Ryan Murray left Thurso's Skinandi's nightclub in the early hours of December 20, last year.
There was an altercation outside, between the two men in which Mr Murray was punched once on the head by Mackay and fell to the ground. Mr Murray got to his feet and started to walk away but Mackay followed him and again punched him and kicked him.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that Mr Murray managed to run away but was again followed by Mackay into the town's Cowie Lane.
There, Mr Murray gestured that he was up for a fight and said Mr Matheson: "Foolishly, the accused indicated his agreement." The two argued and Mackay pushed Mr Murray who fell, striking his head on a metal gate. Mr Murray was rendered unconscious but despite that, Mackay left the scene.
Members of the public came to Mr Murray aid and moved him into Traill Street before summoning the emergency services. Following a fairly lengthy investigation, Mackay was detained by police seven months later, on July 17.
Sheriff Berry commented that the case involved persistent violence resulting in a person being left unconscious.
Mackay, of Rhy House, 123 Skerray Mains, North Sutherland, admitted a charge of assault. He was ordered to appear in court on December 21st.