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07-Dec-16, 09:12
Police officer was target for abuse court hears

A DRUNK man, who subjected police officers to a tirade of abuse, has been ordered to carry out unpaid community work.
The trouble began after joiner Marius Nisulescu, 39, came to the attention of officers at The Shore, Wick, in the early hours of March 20, the town's sheriff court heard yesterday.
Nisulescu became irate and ignored requests to calm down and his behaviour escalated as he made a clenched fist gesture towards them along with the comment - "I will kill you".
The accused was handcuffed and taken to Wick police station under arrest.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that while being processed, Nisulescu took an immediate dislike to the custody sergeant and directed a tirade of racial and homophonic comments at him.
Mr Matheson said that even after sobering up, the accused's attitude didn't improve and the officers regarded it as "disrespectful and unsettling". Nisulescu admitted threatening or abusive behaviour.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that he was not accustomed to going out drinking and was "deeply ashamed" of his behaviour of which he had little recollection.
She added: "He does not understand why he would have said such things."
Sheriff Andrew Berry took the view that imposing a significant fine would only fall on the accused's family.
However, the sheriff added: "Many people come before the court saying they don't remember having consumed drink or perhaps other substances. But what you said to the officers must have been formulated in your mind and uttered over a period of time and must have come from somewhere."
Nisulescu, of 117 Geddes Hill, East Kilbride, was working on a new school project in Wick, at the time. He was ordered to carry out 81 hours of unpaid work, within three months.