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12-May-07, 21:28
Walking my dogs most nights along the river where we have a couple of pairs of swans, but.......... over the past few nights there is what at first i thought was a lone swan but it looks different, same size shape and colour as a swan, but without the black beak, its all pink round the beak area and the beak is unlike a swans more like a goose, but its not, or i dont think its a goose, it has been hanging around with the swans. any one tell me what it maybe... i will try and get a picture of it next time i see it.

12-May-07, 21:37
is it the same size as the swans? Of the three white swans found in the UK, the Mute, Bewick and Whooper none has a pink beak, they are all predominately yellow (and black). The snow goose does have a fairly pink beak, but is a very rare visitor.

12-May-07, 21:40
Same size and shape , looks to be very much bewildered too, not a snow goose, just looked at one on the web, necks to short, this is exactly like a swan.

13-May-07, 20:12
Got a bit closer to it this evening, its a whooper swan, never got close enough for a picture though as the dogs unsettled it.

The other swans are chasing it away to a safe distance all the time.

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