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24-Nov-16, 09:49
Accused forgot all about weapon court told

POLICE acting on a tip-off, raided a house in Wick and found what they were looking for....a stun gun.
It led to the resident, Margaret Mackay facing a charge of being in possession of a prohibited weapon.
Mackay, 52, of 29 Seaforth Avenue, Wick, admitted the offence which occurred on February 3, last year and was fined 300.
Her solicitor, Fiona McDonald said that the accused had no idea how the gun, which is capable of discharging an electrical force, had come into the house. She had come across it and put it in a drawer.
Miss McDonald said: "My client had forgotten all about it until the police arrived and found it."
Sheriff Andrew Berry said he was going to take the explanation "at face value" but added it still left the accused responsible and made the point that she could have taken the stun gun to the police after she made the initial discovery.
The sheriff criticised the unknown person who had taken the gun into the house in the first place who he said had "failed to do the right thing" and own up, leaving Bremner facing the possibility of going to prison.
The stun gun was forfeited.