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12-Nov-16, 08:39
Berriedale Braes leave no margin for error - sheriff

THE Berriedae Braes on the A9 in Caithness, was described by a sheriff as a stretch of road which "leaves no margin for error".

Sheriff Andrew Berry made the comment after hearing how southbound David Strachan had misjudged the turn and collided with a northbound vehicle.

The eighty-four-year old admitted a charge of careless driving on August 14, but was admonished.
Wick Sheriff Court was told that both vehicles were travelling slowly, about 10mph while negotiating the notorious north hairpin bend.

Fiscal Fraser Matheson said that Strachan of 77 Durham Road, Edinburgh had misjudged the bend, one in which southbound drivers had to keep hard left and his Volkswagen Golf collided with the northbound car. The accused then over-corrected and hit a safety barrier.

Sheriff Berry said that there was no stretch of road in the UK that left "no margin for error, whatsoever", like Berriedale Braes.
The sheriff noted that Strachan had since decided to give up driving and would not seek to renew his hitherto unblemished licence in January.

The pensioner incurred three penalty points..