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10-Nov-16, 09:06
Cosh carrier may face jail sentence - sheriff

A SHERIFF handled a cosh yesterday and warned the man caught with it one night in a north town, that it could land him in prison.

Andrew John Innes, 32 came to the attention of the police on the lookout for a certain individual in Brownhill Road, Thurso, late on the night of January 17.

Shortly after 11pm, the officer observed Innes and, although it was dark, thought he was the person they were interested in, the court at Wick heard.

Fiscal Fraser Matheson said: "The policeman got out of his vehicle and asked the accused his name. He did not reply and kept walking towards the policeman, despite being told to halt. The officer observed a black handle protruding from Innes's right trouser pocket and again shouted to him to stop and drew his CS gas spray as a warning.

The fiscal said that at this point, Innes identified himself and dropped an object which turned out to be a cosh which was seized by the officer. Innes was arrested and taken to Wick police station and made an initial appearance in court.

Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Innes had been living in Thurso and associating with people that "did him more harm than good" but had since got help for drink and drug abuse and had become free of both. The accused had returned to the family home at 21 Simpson Crescent, Helmsdale and was getting the support from his parents.

Ms MacDonald referred to an unrelated case involving three other men, due to come before the court and said that Innes had been "horrified" to learn that the police thought he had involved with them in certain alleged activities.

The solicitor added: "That seems to have been a wake-up call for him."

Sheriff Andrew Berry called for a background report and allowed bail.

However the sheriff warned Innes: "I would make it clear that possession of a weapon anywhere, especially in a community such as this, is relatively unusual and is therefore treated very seriously by the court. It would be wrong to say that a custodial sentence would not be passed."

Innes, who admitted possession of the cosh, will be sentenced on December 7.