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31-May-05, 16:23

01-Jun-05, 14:31
I sympathise with you bandite, I think the law came into force about October last year, and anybody supplying a service to the general puplic has to comply. I think after October 1st 2004 people who provide a service to the general puplic can be fined if there is no access for wheel chairs.

There would have been probably at least a year to 18months warning prior to the act becoming law. There is simply no excuse.

Good luck!!

02-Jun-05, 14:07
I believe that businesses had five years notice regarding the disabled access laws coming into force.

02-Jun-05, 16:15
From my understanding of the laws they are not as clear cut as you seem to think, it isn't just a case of that if a shop doesn't have a ramp they will be fined. A step is perfectly acceptable providing it is of a certain height and I think providing staff are willing to assist if any help is required.