View Full Version : New gym petition

08-Nov-16, 00:15
Hi all.
Please see attached a petition to show the need for new gym/exercise facilities in the wick area. Any signatures/positive feedback are greatly appreciated.
Please note this venture is not mines, and is a friend's but feel free to pass on any comments you may have to me and I'll send them his way! Cheers.

09-Nov-16, 22:30
If Andrew Robertson thinks there's a gap in the market and great demand why doesn't he just go and do it and make his fortune, rather than mucking about like this ?

10-Nov-16, 14:18
While I assure you that the demand for these facilities is greater than a demand for your incessant nagging, the gym is going ahead whether you like it or not. So in the meantime, why don't you go back to confiscating children's footballs or hiding under bridges, or whatever it is you find satisfaction doing.
Or even better yet; why not join the gym when it opens in January? Not only would you be supporting a local business, not that anybody on here expects you to anyway as you seem rather uptight and self-righteous, but you may find that you actually do have room for improvement as a person.
Michael Simpson