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29-Oct-16, 10:22
David finds out where he put his magic mushrooms ... thanks to the police

David Usher's forgotten stash of magic mushrooms turned up unexpectedly.... only trouble was the discovery was made by the police.
They found the psilocin during a drugs raid on his home at 24 Bayview Terrace, Thurso, on April 14. They located the Class A drug in a hallway cupboard, Wick Sheriff Court was told.
When confronted with it, Usher, 52, commented:"Where did you find that? I had forgotten about that."
Fiscal Fraser Matheson told Sheriff Andrew Berry: "It seems the police assisted in finding his magic mushrooms."
Sheriff Andrew Berry quipped: "Clearly, they don't help the memory".
Usher, 52, admitted possession of the drugs and was fined 200 at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday.
He was fined 200.