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28-Oct-16, 08:00
Some are selfish and arrogant says sheriff

THOUGHTLESS drivers have come in for some strong criticism. Sheriff Andrew Berry made his comments while sentencing a young Wick motorist who admitted driving carelessly in the town, on December 28, last year.

The sheriff court was told that when Brian Munro, 24, turned left, from George Street into Henrietta Street, he had to swing out, to clear a couple of vehicles parked at the foot of the street and collided with an oncoming vehicle.

Fiscal Fraser Matheson said it was fair to say, that cars were parked at the location infrequently but made the point: "Anyone turning into Henrietta Street is obliged, to some extent, to drive into the opposing carriageway to negotiate round these vehicles. It is accepted by me, that no criticism can be made of someone who has to do so."

The fiscal said that that Munro had not been travelling at an excessive speed when he pulled out into the path of an oncoming vehicle but there was "a lapse of judgement" and a collision occurred. Mr Matheson added that the accused might have first clipped the wheel of one of the parked cars which was "turned out".

Sheriff Berry said it was the second case of its type he had dealt with, recently, in which it had been quite clear that the "somewhat selfish and arrogant parking" had landed drivers in the dock who might otherwise never have appeared in court.
The sheriff went onto describe the illegal parking he had recently witnessed in the town's Bridge Street, where the court is situated, just after 5pm, recently.

He continued: "There are yellow lines prohibiting parking on the far side of the street between 8am and 6pm but there were six or seven works vans parked there, to my surprise... or perhaps not surprisingly".

The sheriff went on to described an incident in which one van drove over one of the no-parking cones and continued: "I waited, expecting him to stop and get out to assess the damage but he just drove on. Ironically, it was right outside Specsavers. It is absolutely outrageous and selfish arrogance."

Fining Munro 100 for a careless driving offence "at the lower end of the scale", Sheriff Berry described the quality of driving by "many people in this community as "appalling". He said he had been tempted to stop some of drivers for not indicating but didn't have the authority to do so.

In addition to the fine, Munro incurred three penalty points.