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27-Oct-16, 21:46
We have recently been visited by a young magpie. I have never seen one this far north,I think the farthest north was around the Fife area .
I have a photo of it but do not know how to upload it.

27-Oct-16, 22:13
How far north is that?

Kevin Milkins
01-Nov-16, 16:32
I have seen them for the first time in ten years of living in Caithness, I saw a pair in Dunbeath.
Down South it was always traditional to salute them a say "good morning Colonel". Not sure why, I might google it.

04-May-17, 18:36
Magpie been around for two days harassing smaller birds Never been seen around here before. Occumster area.

04-May-17, 21:15
I've seen them in Easter Ross and Sutherland, years ago.

Hannah Faulkner
05-May-17, 07:26
In the editor box go to insert image option upload it from computer or web link, preview post and submit. you are done uploading

07-May-17, 21:45
Send it to Watten!