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12-Oct-16, 13:10
Armed hold-up left garage shop assistant distressed

A SHERIFF heard today of how a young man staged an armed robbery at a Wick garage shop.

Keiran Bowes who was carrying a knife, made off with more than 100. However, the incident at Dunnett's Garage, in Wick, was captured on CCTV and he was traced by police the following day.

Bowes, 20, was earlier released on bail but a warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to appear at Wick Sheriff Court on an agreed date.

He pleaded guilty to the robbery and breaching the bail order, on indictment, and will be sentenced later this month. Bowes was described as a prisoner at Inverness Prison but is believed to have moved to accommodation in the area, from a previous address in Easter Kinkell, Connon Bridge.

Describing the lead-up to the robbery, fiscal Fraser Matheson said that Bowes, who was wearing a hooded jacket, entered the kiosk about 9.15pm on August 26 and made his way to a fridge at the rear of the kiosk, selected a soft drink and took it to the counter to pay for it.

The assistant on duty, Christine Davidson, advised Bowes, the only customer at the time, that he was due a penny change and opened the till.

At that point, said Mr Matheson, the accused ordered 61-year-old Miss Davidson to also give him" the rest of the f*****g money"

The fiscal continued: "When she turned again to face Bowes, she observed he was holding a small knife in his left hand but made no attempt to strike her with it although it had clearly been used as a weapon in what amounted to an armed robbery. Miss Davidson complied with Bowes' demand and handed over the contents of the till amounting to 123-54p to him and he left the shop.. She was understandably very distressed by the incident.but was able to contact the police and the garage manager."

A description of the accused was circulated and he was arrested the following day.

Sheriff Andrew Berry who ordered the knife to be forfeit, called for a background report which he will consider on October 26 before hearing mitigation from solicitor Fiona MacDonald.prior to sentencing..

Bowes was further remanded meantime.