View Full Version : High speeders warned

02-Oct-16, 10:16
Excessive speeders won't be tolerated says Wick sheriff

A SHERIFF banned a driver who hit 90 mph on a main north road - in the hope it would act as a deterrent to other motorists.

Douglas Baird, 55, admitted the offence in a 60mph limit on the A9 at Loch Rangag, near the hamlet of Latheron, on April 26.

Wick Sheriff Court was told that Baird, of 4 The Mews, Millbank Road, Thurso, required his licence for his work which involved him in regular runs back and fore to Aberdeen.

However Sheriff Andrew Berry said that there was a particularly high speed involved and said he must impose a disqualification "to bring home to him and others, that driving at very high speeds can't be tolerated."

The Sheriff added: "It is clear that your ability to drive is important, but it is you who have put your licence in peril."

Baird, an offshore worker, was banned for two months and fined 500.