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16-Sep-16, 17:39
Personal appearance ordered after sheriff hears about 'horrible' drink-fuelled abuse

A SHERIFF has ordered the personal appearance of a man who “horribly” abused a woman in a wheelchair.

John Goodbrand, 60, opened a window of his home at 24 Provost Sinclair Road, Thurso and told the neighbour, seated in a ramp leading to her front door: “There is nothing wrong with you...get to f**k out here.”

Goodbrand added:”You f*****g cripple...you will never get out of that scooter.”

The police were contacted and found him asleep in an intoxicated state, Wick Sheriff Court heard today. Those within earshot of Goodbrand's abuse, the wheechair victim and her mother, told officers they had been 'distressed' by the comments.

Goodbrand was detained and released later. He wasn't present in court but had previously admitted an aggravated charge of threatening or abusive conduct which occurred on June 25 and a record.
Fiscal Fraser Matheson, Sheriff Andrew Berry and solicitor Fiona MacDonald were unanimous in condemning the accused's comments as “horrible”.

Miss MacDonald said that Goodbrand was currently in Caithness General Hospital waiting for transfer to Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, for an operation.

Sheriff Berry commented that the accused's actions were “far from trivial” regardless of his health issues.

He ordered that Goodbrand, who is currently on a good behaviour bond, to appear before him,on September 30.