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08-May-07, 15:07
Whilst I have been offline I have become an orger. Am anxious now to get my avatar on, but have not a clue what to do, and the simple instructions in user cp have me baffled! Help please.

08-May-07, 16:27
Thanks for the pms offering help. Hope to get fixed out later in the week.

08-May-07, 16:30
Congratulations poppett!

It took me ages to choose an avatar, but then it was easier than expected to upload it.

Is yours saved on your pc? If it is, go to "edit avatar", then choose option 2, "upload image". Click on "browse" until the file name for your avatar appears, then just click to upload it. Magic! (well, I forgot the actual file name for my avatar, so I had to start again -best to note it down first perhaps [lol] )

If you're taking the avatar straight from another site, without saving it to your pc, then I think you would choose option 1, instead.

I can't wait to see what you've chosen! ;)