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06-Sep-16, 19:20
Cannabis grower claimed drug relieved his epilepsy

THE use of cannabis as a relief for certain health conditions was spotlighted in a criminal case at Wick Sheriff Court, recently.

It emerged when Sheriff Andrew Berry was considering the sentence to be imposed on Sean Munro who claimed it helped relieve his epilepsy and that was the reason he started cultivating the plants at his flat at 21 Macrae Street Wick on May 30.

However, word got out, and there was no lack of friends seeking supplies and cash was exchanged.

It led to the 25-year-old being charged with producing the drug and being concerned in its supply.

Sheriff Berry commented: "I think there is ample evidence that the regular use of cannabis makes certain conditions worse."

George Mathers the solicitor who appeared initially for Munro, previously, said the accused was unable to work because of his epilepsy and had decided to "self medicate" using the home-grown cannabis which he found helped his condition.

Mr Mathers said he had taken advice from an expert who indicated that cannabis had been known to provide relief in certain medical conditions.

The solicitor added that Munro had restricted supplies of the drug to certain friends - but at a price.

Police found all the necessary equipment for producing cannabis and 136 gms of the Class B drug along with cash totaling more than 600 as well as mobile phones used to contact customers.

The case was continued to September for a report from Munro's GP.