View Full Version : Drinks driver banned herself

05-Sep-16, 09:49
Didn't drive after being caught over the limit court hears

A TEENAGE driver imposed an unofficial ban on herself after she was caught over the limit, in advance of a mandatory court disqualification.

Hannah Thomson's solicitor, Fiona MacDonald, told Wick Sheriff Court that having made a mistake, the accused had accepted responsibility for it and did not want to drive ahead of the punishment she expected to received in court.

Miss MacDonald said: "Continuing to drive, knowing the charge still had to be dealt with was not acceptable. She was concerned about the penalty that was to follow and self-imposed disqualification on herself."

Thomson, of 15 Royal Terrace, Thurso, admitted driving with excess alcohol on the Thurso-Gillock road on March 13. Tests revealed a blood-alcohol level of 133mgs - the limit is 50.

The court was told that the accused was a carer for her grandmother and had made an alternative transport arrangement for her.

Thomson, a first offender, was fined 260 and was officially banned for a year.