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02-Sep-16, 18:32
Sheriff warns of consequences of 'ludicrous' speeds

A SHERIFF has hit out at young drivers who hit "ludicrous" speeds on Caithness roads.
Sheriff Andrew Berry spoke out, at Wick, today, after hearing that teenager Ben Ewing was clocked by police at 94mph - the limit is 60mph - on the A9 on the approach to Thurso, on June 3.
Solicitor Florence Fisher said that Ewing, 19, of 6 South View, Wick, "simply got carried away" on his way to Thurso and went on: "His behaviour was completely reckless and he regrets it."
Sheriff Berry expressed concern about young men travelling at "ludicrous" speeds on local roads and continued: "The ability to control a vehicle at that speed if something happens, suddenly, seems to me, to be very limited". The sheriff added that there was also the potential for fatal consequences for the driver and other road users.
The sheriff ,who noted Ewing was a first offender, said he would refrain, "only just", from imposing a driving ban but endorsed his licence with five penalty points. In addition, Ewing, who pleaded guilty, was fined 260.