View Full Version : Officers' surprise reaction

31-Aug-16, 11:05
Accused shouted and screamed at police officers

POLICE officers got an unexpected reaction when they responded to a call for help from a Wick house.

When they arrived at the home in North Murchison Street, on May 21, they were confronted by a "highly aggressive" Ashley Caley who demanded to know what they were doing there, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.

The 22-year-old, who was drunk, reacted badly to being arrested and was shouting and screaming as she attempted to punch and kick Constables Fern MacDonald and Alasdaiir MacDonald but made "no meaningful contact".

Fiscal Andrew Laing said that, given the officers had responded to a call for help, he was reminded of the saying - "biting the hand that feeds you".

Caley, of 18 Nicolson Street, Wick, admitted a charge of assault and a record and sentence was deferred until September 30, for a background report.

Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said the accused "had issues in her life".