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nutty da drummer
28-May-05, 15:43
Does anybody know if boss hogg have an album released?and were could i buy it?

The Pepsi Challenge
28-May-05, 19:40
They have two. You could probably find them on Amazon. My, that Cristina Martinez is hot, eh? Oh wait, you mean the Caithness Boss Hogg? Sorry mate, no idea. Sure they'll have one to hand out.

29-May-05, 14:14
Thanks for that Pepsi Challenge...

We have afew demo recordings we've done on an 8-track but we're going into the studio in Autumn to start work on a 5 track EP which should be available for October/November.
If you want a copy of the demo recordings you can email info@bosshogg.co.uk and we can sort one out for you.


29-May-05, 14:24
ive heard a few of boss hoggs tracks n ive gotta say they rock,cant wait to get a copy of the forthcoming ep,keep up e good work lads.

29-May-05, 16:59
The guys did really well doing their acoustic set at the Waterfront on Friday - any chance of an acoustic track on yer EP? :)

29-May-05, 19:15
yeah i really enjoyed the acoustic set, quality since it was only arranged durin our set!! good work lads :)

29-May-05, 20:38
Darren , what was the name of the band you had when you won the Thurso high battle of the bands and had a cd recorded as part of the prize?

I did have a copy of it but its long gone and im just trying to remember an amazing song from it- any chance of a copy?

29-May-05, 20:38
oh and I hope I have the right Darren - sorry if not!

29-May-05, 22:42
'The New Experience' wasn't it?

30-May-05, 11:03
yeah thats right- what was cd called? or was it that ?

30-May-05, 22:06
The CD was called "Better late... Than never" and the band was The New Experience. I think i've got a copy kicking around somewhere, if you PM me I can arrange something.

We might record some acoustic stuff in the future but I think the EP is gonna be a full electric effort. Although all the tracks are yet to be chosen so you never know...

Thanks for all your support though.

Darren (ex New Experience)