View Full Version : Caused 9000 damage to home

19-Aug-16, 14:42
Accused "completely lost the plot" court is told

A YOUNG man trashed his housing association home causing damage to the tune of 9000 Wick Sheriff court heard today.

Liam Farquhar, 25, "went on the rampage" after becoming upset "for one reason or another". The bedroom, bath room, kitchen and hallway bore the brunt of his anger, as he ripped electric heaters off the wall and punched holes in plasterboard and also tore a smoke detector off the ceiling.

The following day November 29, 2014, an official from the Pentland Housing Association carried out an inspection of the property, at 4a Burn Street, Wick, and Farquhar's tenancy was terminated.

Fiscal depute Fraser Matheson said that the matter was reported to the police. When interviewed, the accused was "extremely frank" and admitted having caused the damage. Asked why he had done it, Farquhar replied: "I completely lost the plot".

Mr Matheson added that Farquhar went on to describe what had upset him and added that he had intended to make good the damage himself but was advised it was being fixed and he would receive the 9000 bill.

Farquhar, now living at 48 Nicolson Street, Wick, admitted maliciously causing the damage. He said he had been taking medication for depression, at the time.

Sheriff Andrew Berry continued the case for a background report and suggested that unpaid work or supervision might be possible sentences.

Farquhar will reappear on September 16.