View Full Version : Court hears of dramatic 999 call

17-Aug-16, 17:53
Man with blood on hands urged neighbour to phone an ambulance jury at Wick jury is told

A JURY at Wick heard today of how a man called at a neighbour's house in rural Caithness,with blood on his hands seeking medical help for his friend.

The early morning drama was described by Geoffrey Bannerman who said that his visitor urgently wanted an ambulance.

The dramatic conversation is contained in written evidence agreed by the prosecution and defence in the case of Dawid Karol Jachowicz-Wproblewski (correct spelling) 34, who denies a charge of serious assault on indictment.

The charge alleges that on May 9, he assaulted Marcin Jacek Chlebos at Balmore Farm Cottage, near Dounreay, knocked him to the ground, repeatedly punched and kicked him on the head and body and repeatedly struck him on the body with a knife or similar implement to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life.

During his conversation with the ambulance service operator, Mr Bannerman, who lives at Ocean View, Balmore, spoke of how it was difficult to obtain the information from his visitor, whom he described as "a Polish guy from up the road" who wanted him to get an ambulance for someone.

Mr Bannerman stated in the 21-page agreement document - it contained a record of the emergency call - that the Polish man while speaking to him (Mr Bannerman) referred to his friend, and said: "He die now".

When asked by the operator what had happened, Mr Bannerman stated that he had no idea adding: "I was just wakened around 1am and and asked to phone an ambulance."

The court heard that Mr Chlebos was admitted to Caithness General Hospital and was operated on for injuries.
He later identified the accused from pictures shown to him by the police.

Dr Allison Brooks, who saw Jachowicz-Problewski at the police station said that the accused was angry and swearing and wanted to know what had happened to his friend.

Dr Brooks said that the accused had some injuries which he claimed had been caused when he fell onto rubble while running to get help for his friend.. The doctor said that while that might account for some of the injuries, others to his cheek and hands were "less in keeping with that explanation"

The statement of agreement stated that the accused and Mr Chlebos had visited the Co-op store in Thurso earlier in the day and had then taken a taxi home to Balmore Farm Cottage.

Mr Chlebos is expected to be the first witness to give evidence today. (Thursday)