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07-May-07, 16:49
http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i316/kenliz/Housesparrows2.jpg Just a small group of the many that wake me up every morning with their twittering, we have about 40 resident and breeding in the garden.

Mother Bear
07-May-07, 19:21
Ahh, nice photo Lizz

14-May-07, 17:46
I don't think I could take the noise of 40 sparrows. We have one pair nesting at the back of the house and one at the front, between them and the neighbours that quite enough homely chirping.
This one managed to cheep even with a beak full of bread, you couldn't see his beak move:lol:


14-May-07, 20:30
What a cracking photo!
Karia X

28-Jun-07, 03:23
grumpyhippo, what kind of camera and lens are you using? It's an excellent photo!

28-Jun-07, 07:01
Super sparrow pics, LIZZ and grumpyhippo! :)

28-Jun-07, 13:02
great pictures, young sparrows are the cutest looking things, all fluffy and dumpy :Razz

Nice pic grumpyhippo!

Margaret M.
28-Jun-07, 16:23
People who provide nesting for the native birds here, declare war on the English sparrows and starlings and dispatch them whenever possible. They were introduced here as a way to keep bugs down but it backfired. Many of the native birds, -- bluebirds, tree swallows and purple martins in particular, cannot compete with them for the nesting sites. The sparrows are vicious to these birds and will take over their nests, killing them and their young if need be. Personally, I cannot destroy them so I do not feed anything that attracts the sparrows and the holes on the nestboxes I put up are too small for a starling.