View Full Version : ERC Wick!

28-May-05, 11:16
Thanks to everyone who was involved in this, although there were no big crowds, it was a good night for all.

Still gutted I got ID'd in the Yard - I'm not a teenager anymore, it's not supposed to happen!!!! lol

The sound quality was good, too. :o)

The Pepsi Challenge
28-May-05, 19:39
Don't be too worried about the so-called low turnout. I'm assuming the show was held in the Waterfront? Even if you had 100 people in and it looked paltry, in a smaller venue the atmosphere would have been great. Have big hopes but keep the venue small. I'm sure the night was a success. Keep live music alive in Caithness.

30-May-05, 22:02
yeah it was a good night!
kowalski i had never heard before - they rocked - and were cool guys too!!keep an eye out for them!
darren and stuart - total brill acoustic set which was put together in hardly any time - dont know if i could of pulled that off lol?! REALLY like their own material!!

also had fun when stuart came up on stage with us to jam for a couple of songs - he's a freakishly good on the guitar!!!!

keep on rockin' !
\m/. .\m/