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05-Aug-16, 21:07
Claimed it helped his health problem court told

SEAN MUNRO thought cannabis might help his epilepsy....so he decided to grow his own, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.

But word got out and there was no lack of friends wanting supplied.

However, the whole operation came to an abrupt end when police raided Munro's flat at 21 Macrae Street, Wick, on May 30.

The 25-year-old admitted producing the drug and being concerned in supplying it. .He will be sentenced on September 2 and was warned by Sheriff Andrew Berry, who called for a background report, that he could face a prison term.

Police found all the necessary equipment for producing cannabis and 136 grams of the Class B drug along with cash totalling more than 600 as well as mobile phones used to contact customers.

Solicitor George Mathers said that Munro was unable to work because of his epilepsy and had decided to "self medicate" using the cannabis which he found helped his condition.

Mr Mathers said he had taken advice from an expert who indicated that cannabis had been known to provide relief in certain medical conditions.

The solicitor added that Munro had restricted supplies to certain friends but at a price.