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04-Aug-16, 08:02
Supervision for accused who must pay victim 500

A THURSO man who attacked an ex-girlfriend on the night she called called on him to cheer him up, wearing a trench coast, high heels and undies, has escaped a jail sentence.
John Lamont, 50, had denied the assault which ended with Vera Graham, 48, falling down steps at the accused's home in Rose Street, Thurso and injuring her head. He was put under supervision for a year.
Lamont was found guilty by a jury in June, of seizing hold of her, repeatedly punching her struggling with her on the floor and pushing her out of his front door, causing her to fdown and hit her head on the ground, all to her severe injury.
He was acquitted on five other charges involving assaults on Ms Graham and another former girlfriend Wendy Macleod.
During the trial at Wick Sheriff Court, in June, the jury heard how Ms Graham turned up at the accused's home, in early August with the intention of "lightening up his mood" following an alleged difference over holiday money. Lamont had previously ended the relationship. The atmosphere was "pleasant" initially but deteriorated.
Lamont who had been drinking, ordered her out of the house after it was claimed, she threw a bottle of wine at the kitchen wall and it was then the assault took place.. Ms Graham required treatment in hospital for her injuries.
When the accused appeared for sentence yesterday, his solicitor, George Mathers, said that he accepted responsibility for his actions.
Mr Mathers went on: "He didn't plan to injure Ms Graham...he simply wanted her out of his house." Lamont had to give up his job as a production supervisor following brain surgery and this, said the solicitor, had undoubtedly affected his mental health and his attitude to life in general." The accused entered a relationship with Audrey Budge four years ago and they intended to marry.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Lamont that he took his health issues into account along with the fact that the assault had not been premeditated.
The sheriff went on: "I note you were concerned about the publicity this case attracted, but the victim had to give evidence and there was certain publicity about the way she was dressed at the time of the assault that I can only imagine made her cringingly embarrassed."
Making an order for supervision, Sheriff Berry urged Lamont to co-operate with social workers to address his issues.
The sheriff added he didn't think a non-harassment order was appropriate as Ms Graham was now living in England.
However he ordered the accused to pay her compensation of 500.